GRE pipe ( Anhydride Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy pipe )
GRE pipe ( Aromatic Amine Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy pipe )
GRP pipe ( Glassfiber Reinforced pipe )
GRP pipe with sand filler
GRP heat preservation pipe
Fitting and Jointing



GRE pipe ( Anhydride Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy pipe )


GRE Pipe - Anhydride Cured Epoxy High Pressure Fiberglass Pipe
Diameter ranges DN40-DN600 (1 1/2”-24”)
Pressure rating range 3.5Mpa—25Mpa
The long-term working temperature ≤65℃(149℉)
The maximum temperature 80℃(176℉)
The minimum temperature  ≥-35℃(-31℉)
Length the nominal length of the pipes can be divided into five kinds according to the pipe size(9.14,8.9,8.8,8.6,8.2)
Manufacturing technics With design set linear and thickness, filament winding control by computer and curing
Resin System Anhydride Cured Epoxy
Raw materials Epoxy Resin,Excellent fiberglass, glass fiber roving's
Standard: API Spec 15HR
Fittings All of the standard GRE fittings are matched well with the original pipes. Most of the fittings are produced by filament winding process.all fittings should be ordered as per thread specification and design pressure. 
Connection API screw thread seal with aquaseal connection of 8 round or 10 round
Kits The sealant is packed into kits, which include brushes, plastic gloves, slab rubber etc.It could be used in the field conveniently.
Application Scope  
Injection and delivery pipeline
Crude oil
Potable water
Brine transport pipeline
Oilfield sewage, chemical sewage and wastewater process pipeline
Fire water pipeline
Storage tank connector
Polymer solution transmission pipeline
Petrochemical process pipeline
Geothermal pipes
Slotted liner and sieve vessels
Natural gas
CO2 or H2S
CO2 or H2S gathering and transport lines
Other liquids processing pipeline
Excellent chemical resistance property,
Able to withstand high pressure
Higher transportation efficiency
Light weight-easy to install
Designable electrical property
Lower abrasion coefficient
Able to connect with steel pipe directly
Smoothly inner wall, no scaling, no waxing, not prone to clogged
Longer service life that is 4 to 5 times compare to steel pipe(about 20 years)
Low maintenance cost 




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