HOVOY Composite is an internationally operating corporation with a record of accomplishment of growth-oriented success. Our mission is to provide customers throughout the world with GRE pipe solutions for water, sewage, gas, oil and industrial applications. In addition, the Group provides pipe technologies, water management services and building materials of superior quality and value.

Our GRE pipe system certified by API 15HR and 15LR, DNV and ISO 9001, which proved that our pipeline was operate stable in extremely condition and environment.

HOVOY offers more than just pipe segments. Complete GRE pipe systems in a variety of diameters and pressures for many different applications are available, including the choices of joint systems, such as adhesive-bonded, mechanical as well as threaded joint systems and flanges.

HOVOY GRE (Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy) pipe system is available in diameters up to 600 mm (24 inch), pressure rating up to 25Mpa and standard lengths up to 12 m. (40ft)

HOVOY GRP (Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic) pipe system is available in diameter up to 1000mm (40inch) pressure rating up to 2.5Mpa.

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